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Azimute – Association of Adventure Sports, Youth and Environment aspired, with this present proposal, to value and to exploit the potential that the building of Portela’s Primary School – Gondesende presents to the development of sportive and environmental activities, after the convenient and essential recovery works of this building, trying to keep its structural plan.

The building is located on the forested area near to Portela’s village, being designated by building of Portela’s Primary School – Gondesende. Initially it was built with the objective of serving as an educative space for the Primary Education students. However, as it was deactivated, its physical degradation became unavoidable and became even more serious as years gone by.

This Primary School building is situated in a levelled land, slightly far from the village centre. The localization at the village periphery, although it enhances a scenery of great value, it elevates adverse situations regarding its conservation, namely to what concerns to special equipments which the building may offer, such as water supply, electric energy supply, among others.

After the building and its infrastructures recovery, besides working as the Azimute’s head office, it was also created a Nature Interpretive Centre, capable of receiving organised visits by Primary Schools and others, as well as occasional visitors. The Centre’s main objective is related to the awareness for the protection of the environment, for the faunal and flower richness and for the importance of the Water in the environment preservation and in the social welfare. Indeed, this project also presents a strong pedagogical and leisure component, allowing the visitors to enjoy the games and complementary activities capable of arousing the participants’ knowledge and creative spirit. These activities are also directed to a specific public (namely with auditive and visual difficulties) considering that they have a practical component capable of stimulate the various senses.

On the other hand, and connected to the Adventure Sports and Environment, it will be signed and kept regularly some hiking trails surrounding the building and will be developed foot orienteering activities in the near forested area.

The possibility of the Youth to have multimedia pc’s to “discover” other cultures and enrich their knowledge through the Information New Technologies, together with the projection of videos related to the environment and culture, allows to deepen their knowledge and to create a greater awareness in them.

This project will not only allow the revitalisation of the actually abandoned areas, but also the development of various outside activities, multiplying in this way the attributes of the Nature Interpretive Centre. These routes are dynamic vehicles of interpreted and translated information, trying this way, that the contact with the public can be done in an original and creative way, affording the opportunity of getting the awareness of the involving area and a desire of contributing for its protection and improvement.  




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